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What am I?

I am a medium sized wading bird.

Where do I come from?

Our closest breeding grounds are Northern Scotland and Scandinavia, we come down to the Solent in the winter to escape the colder climate.


A bit about me

I am a less common relative of the redshank but with grey-green legs instead of red! I appear taller than my common cousin with long slender legs and I have a dark grey back and a slightly upturned bill. I don’t like crowds so you will always see me either on my own or in small groups, feeding on fish, worms, and snails.

Local spotlight

We can be spotted in wetland habitats around the Solent in the winter, we aren’t nearly as common as other wading birds though.

Conservation status

I’m amber listed in the UK

My name might not be listed in the Solent’s Special Protection Areas but I am still definitely important for the coastal ecosystem and form part of the non-breeding waterbird assemblages which these regions are protected for.

Fun fact

We perform display flights at our breeding grounds, flying up and down and sometimes tumbling in the air!