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Other coastal birds

A few of the birds who don’t quite fit into the other groups but can be seen at the coast and we wouldn’t want to miss out!


I live on ponds, lakes and slow-moving rivers – even in flooded quarry pits. My long legs and toes enable me to dive for my favourite food, submerged plants, but I will also eat insects, fruit, seeds, leaves and bird eggs.

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Cormorant with wings outstretched


There’s no missing me! I am a large, prehistoric looking bird with glossy, black feathers, a long neck, and a powerful, hooked beak. I mostly spend my time on the coast, but you can also find me inland in lakes, reservoirs, and rivers.

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Great crested grebe on the water

Great crested grebe

The highlight of our courtship displays is the ‘weed dance’. Both my partner and I, dive down to collect weed in our bills and then rise up out of the water, face to face. It really is glorious!

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Kingfisher sitting on a branch


I am stunning, if I may say so myself, with bright blue and orange feathers, and a large, pointed bill. You can find me year-round in still or slow-moving water habitats such as lakes, canals, and rivers, where I hunt for fish and aquatic insects from perches.

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Little egret

I eat small fish, amphibians and crustaceans. I use my long legs to wade around the water and use my long dagger-like bill to catch fish. I usually prefer to feed on my own, you will see me darting about stirring up the silt with my feet.

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Little grebe on the water

Little grebe

I am a fantastic underwater swimmer, you can spot me diving under the water in search of food. If you are lucky enough to see me then why not watch me dive under and try and guess where I will bob up again?

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I am a dark-coloured bird with brown and bluey-black feathers, a small red and yellow beak and long, yellow legs. I love to eat lots of different things, including water plants, seeds, grasses, fruit, insects, snails, worms, and small fish.

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Mute swan

I live in fresh and salty water, including sometimes in the sea! I feed mainly on submerged vegatation. My orange bill distinguishes me from the other two swans found in the UK, the Bewick’s swan and the whooper swan.

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Shag sat on a rock


To distinguish me from a cormorant, pay particular attention to my head, I have a slimmer bill and my head shape is different with a characteristic steep forehead and peak to the crown above my eyes.

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Slavonian grebe on the water

Slavonian grebe

I am a rare bird with red eyes and black and white plumage in the Winter. During the breeding season I look even more striking as my white feathers turn red and I grow bright orange ear tufts.

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