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Our team

The Bird Aware Solent team stand next to Sturt Pond near Lymington

The Bird Aware Solent team spends its time visiting busy places where people and birds share the shorelines. We cover important areas from Hurst Spit in Hampshire, the northern coast of the Isle of Wight, and across to Chichester in West Sussex.

Bird Aware Solent is a partnership of local authorities and conservation groups which helps safeguard the future of internationally protected geese, ducks and wading birds.

Our rangers talk to Solent’s visitors about its worldwide importance for wildlife thanks to its patchwork of protected habitats. Up to 125,000 birds migrate to the area every year from as far away as the Arctic. Find out more about our coastal birds’ migratory stories.

As well as engaging with members of the public on the coast, our team works with our partners on a wide range of initiatives which help protect our coastal birds. For example we work with watersports and beach cleaning communities to encourage wildlife awareness; we run an events and an education programme; we write articles and are active online to share important messages about sharing our shoreline with nature; we head up an initiative, Coast and Country Canines, which encourages responsible, wildlife aware dog walking; and we also work with our partners and landowners to develop physical projects and signage to reduce disturbance to birds.

Ranger Tony

Get to know the team

Read our blog about each member of Bird Aware Solent, and discover each of the team’s specialisms.

Ranger Natalie leads a birdwatching walk


Applications for our new outreach ranger/content creator have now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied.

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Ranger Tony holding a sign saying to move further away if birds become alert

The Coastal Code

Rangers also encourage people to follow the Bird Aware Coastal Code to make sure birds can feed and rest without being disturbed.


Read about Bird Aware Solent’s strategy.