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A lapwing and its chick

Four easy steps to help ground nesting birds thrive

More than half of our most threatened breeding bird species nest on or near the ground. By following a few simple steps, we’ll give these birds the best chance of thriving.

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Live music – from the most generous of musicians

As Mental Health Awareness Week draws to a close, Ranger Tony shares his thoughts on the generosity of the birdsong we hear every day, and the importance of taking time to stop and listen.

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The River Hamble in the mist

Mental health and nature

At the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, Ranger Tony takes an in-depth look at the powerful healing energies of nature and shares his tips on mindful birdwatching.

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Woodpigeon or street pigeon? Collared dove or turtle dove?

In this feature, we’re focusing on five species of pigeons and doves and explaining why there are so many pigeons in our cities.

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A redshank at dawn

An alternative dawn chorus: 9 weird and wonderful coastal bird calls

While many people think of garden and woodland birds when it comes to memorable bird song, we think our coastal birds give them a good run for their money.

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Group of kayakers on the river

Enjoying watersports while taking care of nature

It’s a year since we launched our ‘Watersports with Wildlife’ initiative with its unique interactive map. It’s proved to be one of our most popular pages on our website. Here’s Ranger Richie’s account of the project so far:

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Swallows in a summer sky

Summer birds and butterflies to see and hear along the Solent

While we’ve waved farewell to our winter wading birds and wildfowl, there are plenty of summer visitors to listen for and watch.

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A flock of brent geese flying in front of the moon

Migration myths: how our ancestors made sense of the natural world

Before tracking technology and the advent of global travel were able to untangle the mysteries of migration, people had some fairly outlandish ideas about what happened to birds that vanish each season.

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Oystercatchers in flight over blue water.

Can you tell a curlew from a godwit? How to identify the Solent’s large wading birds

For the final blog in our wading bird ID series, we’re focussing on the largest waders you will find on the shores of the Solent – oystercatchers, curlews, black-tailed godwits and lapwings.

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Teal ducks on the water

Which duck: mallard or shoveler? Eider or teal?

Not all the ducks that visit our coastline are the same: some travel 1000s of miles to spend the winter here, while others are here year around.
Here’s our guide to some of the species of ducks you’ll see and hear along the Solent.

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View of the beach at Ryde Sands, clear blue sky and golden sand

Sharing the shore at Ryde Sands

Ryde is a hugely popular beach, and with its golden sands and stunning sea views across the Solent, it’s easy to see why. In this blog, Ranger Charlotte explains why Ryde is so special, and highlights some of the birds that you may see over the winter months.

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Blue tit perched on a branch

RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch 2024

It’s the RSPB’s annual birdwatch 26-28 January. Will you be taking part?
Find out how our Partnership Manager, Anna Parry, got on last year.

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Bunny Meadows on the Solent coastline with a rainbow

The inspiring Solent coastline

The Solent is a well-loved stretch of coast enjoyed by many of us every year, and inspiring us every day. Here’s some tips for getting even more out of your wildlife-friendly coastal walks.

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Brent geese on the water

Midwinter: the best time to see birds on the coast?

With numbers peaking in the colder months, it’s our best chance to see – and hear – many of the thousands of birds who find a haven here during colder weather.

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How to enjoy wildlife friendly photography

Taking photos of wildlife and wild places can help us gain a deeper appreciation of the natural world, but the welfare of wildlife must come first. Here is Ranger Charlotte’s guide to wildlife friendly photography.

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A black-tailed godwit in flight

New look for the New Year for Bird Aware Solent

We’re unveiling an updated logo for the start of 2024. Find out more about its inspiration.

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Illustrations of a curlew, a ringed plover, a brent goose, a swan, an oystercatcher and a gull to illustrate 6 birds of Christmas

Six “days of” birds to look out for on a festive walk

You may be familiar with “The Twelve Days of Christmas” carol which refers to several different birds: Ranger Charlotte has adapted 6 parts of this song to celebrate some classic Solent sights and sounds.

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Sanderlings roosting on the Solent shore

Great Coastal Birdwatch showcases Solent’s wealth of wildlife

Thanks to everyone who took part in this year’s Great Coastal Birdwatch last month.  More than 100 different bird species were spotted including 18 species that are red-listed for conservation concern.

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