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kayaking on the River Hamble

Watersports with Wildlife

Our watersports with wildlife map and guides help paddle and wind sports enthusiasts coexist with nature.

The interactive map is designed to help people reduce any disturbance to protected birds and habitats.

It pinpoints wildlife friendly exit and entry points as well as where to find amenities like cars parks and toilets. We’ve also provided a short description of each site and a few suggested wildlife friendly paddle routes.

For further information about staying wildlife aware when you’re out on the water, take a look at our guidance for wildlife aware paddle sports and wildlife aware wind sports.

We also recommend you follow the RNLI’s safety advice when out on the water.


A kite surfer in action

Some of your favourite entry and exist points may not appear on this map. This is because we are only recommending places that are wildlife friendly and that are safe with public parking .

This means that we haven’t included areas where we know protected birds tend to get disturbed by watersports.

If you think we’ve left out a public slipway or public hard, please get in touch. Remember that we only include access points that have public parking and are not likely to result in wildlife disturbance.

We will regularly update this map as more information becomes available. We also plan to extend the advice for the entire Solent area.

If you notice something on the map that is not quite right, please get in touch. Watersports enthusiasts and businesses have worked with us to make sure our recommendations are relevant and appropriate. But none of us are infallible, so please get in touch if you have a concern.

For information and a map about watersports at Poole Harbour, download BARI’s Paddle Power map for SUP, kayaking and canoeing.

Did you know?

Kite and windsurfing equipment can unintentionally cause disturbance. Anything that flaps is especially scary for birds as it resembles predators.

Tip: Carry or float equipment in and out. Dragging equipment will damage habitat and your craft.

Tip: Keep a low profile: kayakers and canoers help by keeping a low paddle angle. Paddleboarders reduce wildlife disturbance by kneeling rather than standing.

SUP at River Hamble
Kite surfer at sea

Watersports safety

Safety will be your number one concern while in and around the water. Follow the RNLI’s safety advice to stay safe on the water.

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Wildlife aware paddle sports

Paddle sports offer an opportunity to spot and appreciate wildlife from a unique perspective. Many paddlers are taking steps to avoid wildlife disturbance by following the Bird Aware Coastal Code:

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A kite surfer in action

Wildlife aware windsports

Taking steps to avoid wildlife disturbance by looking out for nature, planning your route and choosing a wildlife friendly entry and exit point.

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Kayaking on the River Hamble

Wildlife friendly paddle routes

These are paddle routes which have been recommended as wildlife aware.

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