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Bird Aware Essex Coast

It gives us great pleasure to announce a new Partner to the Bird Aware family. Meet Bird Aware Essex Coast.
When the Bird Aware brand and logo was first conceived, our main goal was to answer the question – how can we communicate our message clearly and effectively to local communities?

Fast forward several years and Bird Aware’s instant recognition from passers-by is incredible and this success can, in part, be attributed to simplicity.

Our logo focusses on the core aim of the organisation – to be aware of the protected birds. It has both a picture of a bird and the word ‘bird’ in the title and because the logo is appealing and succinct it effortlessly oozes into the conscience of those that encounter it.

With these feathers in our cap, and the brand being recognised by Natural England as an example of best practice, we set about another target – to share what we have developed with other mitigation partnerships who’s birds and wildlife face similar challenges.

Now in the month of September, we are very pleased to report that this target has been met, welcome Bird Aware Essex Coast !

The Essex RAMS (Recreational Disturbance Avoidance Mitigation Strategy) partnership, which consists of twelve local councils, is aiming to positively influence the behaviour of people visiting its 350 mile stretch of coastline. Fantastic birds such as ruff, little tern and avocet inhabit the area at different times throughout the year, take a look at the ‘About the Birds’ webpage for more information.

Claire Stuckey, Principal Planner from Chelmsford City Council, comments, “Essex Coast is delighted to join the Bird Aware brand with the launch of a new website. This will be a key tool in helping to raise awareness of the protected birds along our coastline and to help people enjoy the coast whilst giving the special birds space to feed, breed and rest.”

Anna Parry, Bird Aware Solent Partnership Manager is thrilled with the development and adds, ‘this is the first of what we hope to be many similar Partnerships joining the Bird Aware family. As a larger team we can collectively achieve even greater public awareness of the important birds that share the coast with us’.

It’s great to have Essex Coast under the Bird Aware banner – birds of a feather flock together!

Visit the website for more info.