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Kite surfer on the sea

Watersports safety

Safety will be your number one concern while in and around the water. This is especially important if you are new to the sport or new to the area.

Bird Aware Solent are not water safety experts. As a result, we recommend following RNLI safety guidance for watersports.

The RNLI’s safety advice covers a broad range of water activities to help keep you safe at the coast. As they say, whatever activity you do and no matter how experienced you are, taking a few minutes today to understand the risks could save your life.

Various areas of the Solent have strong winds and strong tides and are busy waterways used by larger vessels that are restricted in their ability to manoeuvre.

In addition to following the RNLI advice, ensure you always remain alert, adhere to local signage, and heed any advice provided by Harbour Masters and Harbour Authorities.

Pacific oysters have become established around some slipways and launch areas. These non-native oysters are very sharp and present a hazard of cut feet. We recommend users always wear shoes when launching and landing.

An RNLI rescue boat

Follow the RNLI’s safety advice to stay safe on the water.