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River Itchen Northern Route

Enjoy a short leisurely paddle among the green canopy that surrounds this part of the river

This area of the river is non-tidal and is accessible even at lower tide states.

You may travel north as far as the White Swan Pub: paddlers are not permitted any further up the Itchen.

There is no slip at the start of this route, but a small paddle craft  may be lowered into the water from the walkway.

Fishermen use this part of the river so please be mindful of sharing the space.

If you would like to travel south, see River Itchen Southern Route.

More information on the River Itchen. 

  Conditions: A non-tidal stretch of the river. Be mindful of people fishing and avoid their lines.

  Time: A shorter route. Allow about one hour for a return trip.

  Distance: approximately 0.6 miles or 1 km in one direction.

Northern end parking: White Swan Pub, SO18 3HW (pay parking if not using pub)

Southern end parking: Riverside Park car park, SO18 2JR

Facilities: no public amenities

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