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Lymington Route

Two options for a scenic wildlife watching route

There are two route options to choose from, the western route (Pylewell Lake) which includes a loop and the eastern route (Crooked Lake) which is a there-and-back.

Both options are fantastic for wildlife watching, especially in winter when wading birds ducks and geese are overwintering in this area. Ensure you keep far enough away that the birds do not react to your presence.

The coast is likely to be colder and windier than you expect, especially in winter. The southern end of the western route is not protected by land and therefore waters may be rougher.

  Conditions: Scenic routes in busy tidal area accessible at higher tides only. Watch out for other craft and strong currents. Remain out of the main shipping channel (marked by green and red posts) where bigger boats have limited ability to manoeuvre. When crossing the channel, only do so when the channel is clear of marine traffic.

  Time: Variable, up to 5 hours.

  Distance: Approximately 3 to 5 km or 2 to 3 miles in one direction depending on chosen route.

Parking: Bath Road Car Park, SO41 3SE

Facilities: Parking, toilets, nearby food stall

Map showing two options for paddle routes at Lymington

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