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Hurst to Mudeford Route

A longer open water route for experienced paddlers and in fair weather conditions

Do not attempt if you are not experienced, on windy days, or when the sea is rough as it will be very unpleasant and potentially dangerous.

Recommended for canoes and kayaks as the route is likely too long on a paddleboard, although experienced paddleboarders can enter the water and travel a shorter distance.

If you are experienced, this can be a lovely paddle on a calm day when the wind is low, and the sea is calm. There is a sandbar that runs the length of this route and at lower tide paddlers can go inside the sandbar for increased safety.

To reach the launch area, walk down the long staircase to the beach. Enjoy views of long stretches of beach, and cliffs.

  Conditions: For experienced paddlers only. Open water route that is only suitable for fair weather and calm water.

  Time: This is a day trip if you are planning on completing the entire route and its return. However you can travel a shorter distance before returning. Check tides and daylight hours.

  Distance: Approximately 8 km or 5 miles in one direction.

Parking: Hordle Cliff Car Park, SO41 0UX

Facilities: Parking, toilets, food kiosk, beach (down a long staircase from car park)

Hurst to Mudeford route

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