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Dark-bellied brent geese at sunset

The Great Solent Birdwatch is our annual wildlife event focusing on coastal bird species around Hampshire, Chichester Harbour and the Isle of Wight. It is a citizen science project that aims to raise awareness of the incredible range of overwintering birds that visit the Solent each year.

During the week participants do their own survey by spending up to an hour recording the different birds they spot in their chosen location around the Solent coast. They then submit the results to us which contributes to our data set.

The Great Solent Birdwatch event

Thank you to everyone who took part in this project. 

9,070 birds were counted in the Great Solent Birdwatch

A total of 9,070 birds were counted.

83 species were counted in the Great Solent Birdwatch

A total of 83 bird species were spotted.

Top 10 coastal birds spotted


Top ten coastal birds Numbers Conservation status
1. Dark-bellied brent goose 2,092 Amber
2. Black-headed gull 1,418 Amber
3. Oystercatcher 1,070 Amber
4. Wigeon 555 Amber
5. Dunlin 535 Red
6. Canada goose 324 None
7. Black-tailed godwit 254 Red
8. Turnstone 237 Amber
9. Redshank 235 Amber
10. Golden plover 110 Green



Top 10 coastal birds spotted

Top 5 Ducks

Top 5 ducks

Top 5 wading birds

Top 5 gulls

Great Solent Birdwatch top 3 gulls

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We hope that people taking part will be inspired to become more aware of the birds that use the Solent area. Our aim is to reduce disturbance from coastal recreation by giving these special birds the space they need to feed and rest.

The next Great Coastal Birdwatch will take place from Saturday 22 – Sunday 30 October 2022 – follow us for more updates!