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Godwits flying

Longer daylight hours trigger the spring migration.

The weather is warming up and the blackthorn is in blossom. Spring is very definitely here. The longer daylight hours trigger the birds to start their migration. You may have noticed fewer ducks and geese around, as many of our winter visiting birds are already starting to make their way back to distant breeding grounds in and around the Arctic. Others that have wintered further south will soon make stopovers on our shores on their northward journeys. These refuelling stops are brief, as birds rush to get to breeding areas. After all, first arrivals have the choice of the best nest sites. The success of migration depends upon the birds’ health, and weather conditions encountered on the way. So they will all be busy “feeding up” to build energy reserves necessary for the long flights ahead. We can all help these amazing bird populations to survive into the future by staying ‘bird aware’ over the coming weeks as they embark on their long and hazardous migrations.