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Bird Aware ranger - Julie

Julie has been away recently looking after her new baby boy, and now she is thrilled to be back on the Solent with Bird Aware. Read about what she has been getting up to and looking forward to.

The past year has made like a migrating brent goose and flown by! During the previous twelve months I have had the pleasure of bringing up Westley, our new edition to the family. It has also brought an opportunity to live in the New Forest whilst my house gets renovated, and what a fantastic experience it’s been!

Staying the New Forest we hear tawny owls every night, we’ve met our local badgers and we have enjoyed some wonderful long walks, where we once spotted a somewhat rare sand lizard! I’ve also loved listening to the cuckoos during spring time and very much enjoyed watching male woodcocks perform aerial displays at dusk in an attempt to impress the females. The Forest is truly a magical place and I don’t think I could ever tire of spending time here.

Now with Westley off enjoying the wonders of shapes, bubbles and colours at nursery school, I get to be involved in summertime events, guided walks and helping people become Bird Aware. It’s great to be back with my lovely colleagues again and it’s also great to get to drink a cup of tea before its gone cold! A pleasure I’ll never take for granted again!

I’ll be spending lots of time in the west area of the Solent in preparation for the birds returning in the winter. So, whether its out on the coast or at a community event, I do hope I have the chance to run into you to say hi and have a chat. I’ll be the one with a flask of hot tea in my hand!