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June might be the official start of summer but there’s something even more exciting about the 6th month of the year… It’s time for the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild event!

Tomorrow begins a month full of exploring, learning and connecting with local wildlife – what more could a nature nerd be after?! It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, or how much you know about wildlife already, it’s going to be a ball! Getting involved in this event is so simple, all you have to do is choose a wild activity to do each day and have some fun. It could be climbing a tree, hunting for bugs, listening to bird song or building a hedgehog house.

I am sure you’ve experienced those wonderful moments, whilst looking at something so familiar and seemingly simple, but feeling a bit dreamy and curious that day it suddenly fills you with pure amazement and awe. Well, prepare for that, times 30!

Head to this link to sign up and get your pack –

There are an endless number of things to experience in the wild – engage all your senses! How does it feel to walk barefoot in a meadow? And when did you last stand in the rain? How does the smell of lavender compare to that of rosemary? Can you learn to identify a bird singing in your garden? Have you noticed the amazing iridescent shine of a mint beetle? And when did you last watch the clouds shapeshifting across the sky into mystical creatures? (I once saw a perfectly shaped cow, no kidding, it even had horns!) After these 30 days your ears, nose and eyes will be tuned into the nature around you, and you will find yourself noticing so many more wildlife treasures.

Every year, I find myself learning about new species during this month, just because I am consciously spending time seeking new things and googling everything I lay my eyes on. Every day presents a mini challenge of discovering something I have never seen before, or perhaps just identifying and learning about something I have walked past many times and never stopped to admire.

Wild caterpillars For example, check out these beautiful brown-tail moth caterpillars which I found last June when I was getting up close and personal with some plants at a local nature reserve.

So, if you have never tried before, let this be the year you do. Share what you discover and exchange your new knowledge with other 30 days wilders by using the hashtag #30DaysWild. I am sure you will be feeling so much better when July 1st comes knocking and who knows, you might just continue with your new nature nosey habits for the rest of the year.

Ranger Lizzie