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A black-tailed godwit in flight

New look for the New Year for Bird Aware Solent

The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that we’ve made a slight change to our logo – just simplifying the outline of the bird and rounding off a few corners. Our logo is inspired by the one of the coastal birds we love talking about: the elegant black-tailed godwit.⠀

Black-tailed godwits are red-listed for conservation concern in the UK and travel to the Solent every autumn after spending the summer in Iceland. They are one of the many protected birds which travel thousands of miles each winter for the relative warmth and safety of our shoreline.

Our revised logo is more simple than the previous image which will make it easier for visitors to the Solent coastline to recognise and understand its meaning. This will help us increase the public’s knowledge and understanding of the protected birds that travel here every year from their summer breeding grounds in the Arctic.

It’s not a huge change to the design which means we’ll be gradually introducing it when new signs and posters are needed, rather than needing to reproduce existing existing materials.

Bird Aware Solent logo

Find out more about Bird Aware Solent’s strategy or learn about the inspiration behind our design: the black-tailed godwit.