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Waterside Walks

As Christmas approaches the Bird Aware Solent Ranger team are looking forward to a well earned break, staying warm and catching up with our loved ones. Come the New Year however you can bet your socks off we will all be back out on the coast keeping an eye on our feathered friends once again (and to be honest even when we are not working we can’t help but pop down to our local shores to see what wildlife is about!).

Christmas and the end of the year is always an important time to reflect and take stock of your achievements and challenges, and we certainly have plenty to reflect on. The team have been very busy but so have the birds! Throughout the autumn months they have braved their long challenging migrations back to us from their summer breeding grounds. We have all taken great delight in watching their numbers grow day-by-day on the Solent coast.

By far the biggest highlight for the rangers is being able to get back out on the coast to talk to visitors face-to-face. After so many months facing restrictions on interacting with others you could tell that people visiting the coast were also very pleased to be able to chat to us once again! It is a joy and a privilege for our rangers to be in a position to show people the birds on our coastline and to give them the chance to learn some fascinating new facts and connect with nature. Helping to prevent disturbance to the birds while they are either feeding or roosting (resting) at some sites has been a very positive experience.  Lots of visitors have been really enthusiastic about helping the birds and giving them the space they need to feel safe.

Another highlight is expanding our guided walks offer – we now have monthly walks going on in different locations around the Solent coast which is something we’ve not done before. Rangers have loved leading these walks and meeting lots of new people who are excited to learn about the different species on our shores. So if you haven’t joined one of our walks yet keep an eye on the events section of our website as we continue to arrange more walks throughout the region.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped and chatted to our rangers, helping people connect with nature is what keeps us going!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ranger Karima