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Roseate tern

Roseate tern on a rock

What am I?

I am Europe’s rarest breeding tern.

Where do I come from?

I’m more of a tropical bird and lots of my species spend all year in warmer waters. When I do come to the UK to breed I fly in from Western Africa.

A bit about me

I’m really rare so you will be very lucky if you see me. I look very similar to little, common and arctic terns but my beak is black, I have longer tail streamers and a pinkish tinge to my under parts, how cute!

Like other terns, I love fishing, I plunge into the water with a splash and look for small fish.

Conservation status

I’m red listed in the UK

I’m a qualifying feature for the Solent and Southampton Water Special Protection Area – that means, when the site was designated, it supported a nationally significant number of us!

Fun fact

An RSPB roseate tern recovery project is working to bring our species back to the Solent coast where we used to breed in times gone by!