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What am I?

I am Britain’s smallest tern.

Where do I come from?

I come to the Solent from Western Africa where I spend the winter.

A bit about me

You might have heard about me in the news, I’m rather famous in Britain as lots of people are trying to help me stay safe while I’m here.

I nest on sandy, gravel beaches in scrapes (small, shallow holes I dig with my feet). My pale eggs are so well disguised that unfortunately people sometimes tread on them! I’m great at fishing and I spend my time looking for small shiny fish that live in shallow waters, I need to catch a lot of them to feed my chicks when they are born. A lot of people like the way that I sound when I’m speaking to my friends, listen out for my chirps if you go to the beach in the summer.

Conservation status

I’m amber listed in the UK

I’m a qualifying feature for the Solent and Southampton Water and Chichester and Langstone Harbours Special Protection Areas – that means, when the site was designated, a nationally significant number of us used these awesome coastlines to breed!

Fun fact

I weigh about the same amount as a tennis ball.