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Little egret

Little egret

What am I?

I am a small white heron and my name is pronounced “Eee-grit”.

Where do I come from?

I stay here on the Solent all year round, I just love it!

A bit about me

I eat small fish, amphibians and crustaceans. I use my long legs to wade around the water and use my long dagger-like bill to catch fish. I usually prefer to feed on my own, you will see me darting about stirring up the silt with my feet.

Local spotlight

Our story is one of great conservation success. We were hunted to near extinction in the 19th century for our feathers. This was the reason for the start of the RSPB and thanks to campaigning and conservation efforts our numbers have recovered and even thrived. The Solent is an area of national importance for us with hundreds of us spending the winter here.

Conservation status

I’m green listed in the UK

My name might not be listed in the Solent’s Special Protection Areas but I am still definitely important for the coastal ecosystem and form part of the waterbird assemblages which these regions are protected for.

Fun fact

My yellow toes act as a lure to attract fish and I often stretch out my wings to create some shade and stop the glare on the water.