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What am I?

I am a gull.

Where do I come from?

I can be found in the UK all year round. In the summer we’re more commonly seen in Scotland and Northern Ireland and our numbers are boosted in the winter with birds from Northern Europe.

A bit about me

I look like a smaller version of the herring gull except that I have greenish legs rather than pink, and I don’t have the distinctive red dot on my beak. We gulls do like to be tricky to identify after all! I’m not a fussy eater and will try anything from insects, worms and fish to carrion and even rubbish.

Local spotlight

Despite my name I’m not a common sight but I can be spotted across the Solent at coastal sites and towns in the winter, and some of us breed in the New Forest in the spring too.

Conservation status

I’m amber listed in the UK

Fun fact

Despite my name, I am one of the rarer gull species found in the UK. My name could have originated from the fact that I was often seen on ‘common land’ such as parks.