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What am I?

I am a dabbling duck.

Where do I come from?

We love to visit the Solent in winter and come all the way from Iceland, Russia & Scandinavia.

A bit about me

We eat grasses, roots and aquatic plants. Our natural habitats are grasslands, wetlands, marine and intertidal areas. Some of my wigeon friends stay in the UK all year round and can be found breeding in the summer months in Scotland, Northern England and South East England.

The males of our species have bright yellowy-white mohicans which help humans tell us apart from other ducks. We are smaller than mallard ducks but larger than teal ducks. Another great way to distinguish us from other ducks is our call, we have a high pitched whistle!

Conservation status

I’m amber listed in the UK

I’m a qualifying feature for the Chichester and Langstone Harbour Special Protection Area – that means, when the site was designated, a nationally significant number of us used these awesome coastlines in the winter!

Fun fact

Sometimes I will hang around flocks of diving ducks and snatch food which they’ve caught when they surface.