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Bird Aware ranger - Charlotte

Charlotte joined the Bird Aware team in May and she has already been on an incredible ‘conservation journey’! Read her story here.

I’m so excited to be joining the Bird Aware Solent team in a role which combines both my experience and passion for wildlife and education.

I grew up on the beautiful Isle of Wight where I spent every opportunity out exploring the beaches and looking for wildlife! Because of my love of the natural world I gravitated towards an Environmental Science degree and graduated at the University of Plymouth.

I’ve worked with wildlife for several years in a number of roles. A few years ago, I lived in South Africa volunteering for a Seabird rescue organisation called SANCCOB (the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds). This was a challenging, but incredible experience where I helped to care for sick and injured seabirds. I was lucky enough to be able to release some of the healthy birds back into the wild.

I also worked at a wildlife park on the Isle of Wight for several years. This position put me in contact with a wide range of birds including pelicans, flamingos, parrots and even penguins! I cared for some of these birds and carried out educational talks with the visitors to the park.

Recently I’ve been working in education, but I can’t wait to start focusing on the birds again. Highlighting our amazing range of wildlife to members of the public will be very interesting and helping them to become more bird aware will be extremely rewarding.

In my spare time I enjoy wildlife and landscape photography. I’m hoping that the winter season will give me lots of opportunities to capture some great shots of the birds and share them with you on Bird Aware social media. Keep your eyes peeled!