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Great Coastal Birdwatch 2023

The Great Coastal Birdwatch 2023

Thanks to everyone who took part in this year’s Great Coastal Birdwatch.

We had a good mix of sunshine, rain, storms, flooding and rainbows during this year’s fortnight of birdwatching, but our wonderful coastal birds put on a magnificent show. Data so far has been shared from the very west and to the extreme east of our area on the mainland and along the northern Isle of Wight coast from Yarmouth to Bembridge. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to get involved.

To be included in this year’s findings, you have until 30 November to let us know what you saw. Send us your data in one of 3 ways:

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Saturday 14 October to Sunday 29 October 2023

Every year we mark the arrival of the migratory birds which spend the winter on the Solent with the Great Coastal Birdwatch.

By taking part you’ll increase your knowledge of the coastal birds in your local area, help contribute valuable data and learn how to become more bird aware.

How to take part

We’re changing the format of this year’s Great Coastal Birdwatch. Instead of counting how many of each type of bird you’ve seen, we’re asking you to simply tick off the different species you see in one hour. You’ve also got a little longer to do your birdwatch with just over two weeks to take part.

You’ll need to:

  • Choose a spot around the Solent coast to do your watch, between Saturday 14 to Sunday 29 October.
  • You might choose to download the Great Coastal Birdwatch recording form, or our Children’s Great Coastal Birdwatch recording form, to help you keep a record.
  • Spend up to one hour seeing how many different species of birds you can spot. Check out our Meet the birds pages for help in identifying them.
  • Follow the Coastal Code: look out for birds, move away if they become alert, keep dogs alongside you and follow requests on signs.
  • Then let us know which species of birds you spotted using our special online form or by emailing us at If you want, you can add to our data by letting us know how many of each species you’ve seen.
Recording forms for the Great Coastal Birdwatch

Check out our recommendations for keeping warm and safe as well as our extra tips for getting the most out of your coastal birdwatch.

Our rangers will be hosting pop-up events during the week – why not stop by and say hello!

Want to find out the results of last year’s birdwatch? Visit our Great Coastal Birdwatch blog to find out more.

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Great Coastal Birdwatch: advice for staying safe and healthy

We hope you have fun on your Great Coastal Birdwatch but here’s some information which you might find useful.

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Great Coastal Birdwatch graphic image

Great Coastal Birdwatch: further tips and advice

The Great Coastal Birdwatch is a citizen science project that aims to raise awareness of the incredible range of overwintering birds that visit the Solent each year.

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Great Coastal Birdwatch Kids Zone

Great Coastal Birdwatch: Kids’ Zone

By taking part in this year’s bird count this October, you’ll be making a difference to our knowledge of the amazing birds which travel here every autumn.

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