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Child with binoculars

For kids

Want to learn more about birds and other wildlife? That’s great! We hope you have some fun along the way with our activities.

Battle of the birds

Which bird will come out top when you go head to head in our ‘Battle of the birds’ card game? Who has the longer beak? Who migrates the furthest?

Just download the PDF below, print off your cards & play.

WHY NOT TRY: expanding the pack by making more cards for the birds you see in your garden or local park.

Unique beaks

Have you ever wondered why different birds have different beaks?  Download the Unique Beaks Activity Pack below to play the beak game and design your own weird and wonderful beak.

FUN FACT: a curlew’s beak can grow up to 15cm long!

Coastal colouring sheets

Download our colouring-in sheets below. You could try to copy the colours from pictures of the real birds (head here for examples) or maybe you want to design some extra fancy feathers for the birds instead. Either way, we’d love to see your creations by email or on social media.

DON’T FORGET TO: fill in the pledge at the bottom of your artwork.

Shell expert

Do you love to collect things when you go exploring outside? Ranger Natalie gets to know her shell collection in the video below. Learn the difference between a cockle and a clam and hear some fun facts about the animals that used to live inside your seaside treasure.

REMEMBER: never take living things home with you from the beach.

Bird puzzles

We’ve created some online puzzles with pictures of some of our favourite coastal birds. Have a go and see if you can make it onto the score board.

Simply click on a link below, choose a difficulty level at the top and then move your pieces around by selecting two squares you want to switch places.

Shelduck (epuzzle website)

Turnstone (epuzzle website)

Mallard duck (epuzzle website)

Herring gull (epuzzle website)

Lapwing (epuzzle website)