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Hamble Common Walk

A short to medium length walk in Warsash, with lots of opportunities to spot wildlife and a short detour into the woods, plus the optional addition of a visit to Strawberry Field to play.

Route details

Hamble Common Parking – SO31 4QG

Facilities: free parking

   Easy, flat, gravel and woodland paths
   Approximately 35 mins (with time to play!)
   Approximately 0.85 miles


1. Starting point

After enjoying the view from the car park set off down the path at the North west end, on the right of the railings.


Step 2.

This path quickly splits, take the right-hand path.

If you do decide to take the left path to the beach, please be aware that there is an unstable drop down and make sure the tide is low and there are no birds feeding.

Step 3.

This path continues with the sea to your left, and once you get past some trees and brush, it opens out to some wonderful elevated views.


Step 4.

At the next fork take the left hand path, which will bring you to an open section overlooking the beach, perfect for a photo op!


Step 5.

Take the path to the right, past the bench, highlighted below.


Step 6.

At the next fork take the path on the right, heading into the woods.

Step 7.

If you do take the beach path, staying to the top of the beach instead of the tideline and keeping an eye out for wildlife of course, when you get to this fence turn right into the woods.



Step 8.

At this point the two paths converge, if you are on the upper route stay on the path as it bends round to the right, if you are coming from the beach take a left as you join back on to the main path.

Step 9.

You should soon come to a grassy clearing, a great spot for some off lead fun or training as it is soft underfoot and not as wildlife sensitive as other habitats.

Step 10.

As you follow this path on, you should notice some way-marker posts with the Hamble Common Circular Trail on them.

Step 11.

You will reach a point where the way-markers take you off to the right, follow this right hand path.

Step 12.

Keep following this path, there are continuing way-markers to help, be aware that you will reach the road soon so keep your dog close and consider putting them on lead. 

Step 13.

When you reach the road, cross safely to the other side and then turn right, following the path alongside the road.

Step 14.

You will reach a point where there is a route heading off to the left, for a shorter route stay on the path next to the road until you reach the car park. For a slightly longer route take the left hand path.

Step 15.

There is a path that goes over a small bridge on the left – this is another optional route, but for this walk stay on the right hand path.

Step 16.

This is small track with the water and mudflats on your left, so keep an eye out for birds and keep your dog with you on the path unless you want a very muddy ride home!

Step 17.

You will come to a small hide on your right, and the track will also turn right past it.

Step 18.

If your dog is feeling patient, there is a handy guide here so see if you can spot any of the birds who live here!

Step 19.

Go through the gate you will come up to, but do be aware that there may be livestock in this section. They are used to walkers but please keep your dog on lead for everyone’s safety.

Step 20.

Follow the path, keeping an eye out for the resident cows!

Step 21.

When you reach the other side of this section you will find another gate leading out towards the road.

Step 22.

Once you reach the road you will see the car park opposite.

We hope you enjoy this walk as much as we do, and please check out our other featured walks!