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Bunny Meadows Walk

A short to medium length walk in Warsash, with lots of opportunities to spot wildlife and a short detour into the woods, plus the optional addition of a visit to Strawberry Field to play.

Route details

Passage Lane car Park (SO31 9FR)

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   Terrain – Mostly flat, gravel path, some woodland path and road
   45 mins – 1hr
   approximately 2.44 miles


Step 1.

Passage Lane car park has public toilets for humans, but you might also want to let your dog explore the grassy area around the car park and make use of the bins before setting out on your walk.

Step 2.

Exit the car park and join the footpath (you will find the exit to the left of the public toilet), immediately turn right.

Step 3.

Follow the path as it opens out with the water on your left and saltmarshes on your right.

Step 4.

You may notice the amber pawprint marker asking you to keep dogs on the path, this is to protect wildlife and to keep dogs safe.

Step 5.

Keep following the path and watch out for birds on the mudflats, depending on the season you’re likely to see curlews, oystercatchers, egrets and lots of other species.

Step 6.

Please be aware that the sluices and currents can be dangerous for dogs, there is also some wreckage that may not always be visible, so keep them safely with you on the path.

Step 7.

Keep going down the path and over the wooden bridge.

Step 8.

Soon after the bridge you should see a path turning off to the left, this will take you to the small woodland loop.

Step 9.

Cross over the bridge, as you can see from the photo the path gets a little tight and there are roots underfoot.

Step 10.

Changing scenery gives your dog a bit of variety on their walk, they’ll get a chance to explore new scents and sights.

Step 11.

The path will curve round to the left, follow this keeping the fence on your right. You may want to put your dog on a lead here as there is a road coming up.

Step 12.

When you reach the road, turn left, as directed by the footpath arrows.

Step 13.

The road diverges and you will turn right as shown by the arrow.

Step 14.

At the end of the road take the path to the left, indicated by the arrow, walking with the high brick wall on your left.

Step 15.

Follow this track down, turning left at the end.

Step 16.

As you follow the grassy track, you should have views of the water over to your right.

Step 17.

You will soon enter another wooded area, keep an eye out for these felled trees which would make excellent enrichment opportunities. You could hide treats or a toy for your dog to find.

Step 18.

At the end of the path turn right towards the water.

Step 19.

Very soon you will join back onto the original path, turn left to head back towards the car park.

Step 20.

When you reach the car park, you could continue down the path for an extra visit to strawberry field, keep your dog on their led as the first section follows the road.

Extra Step 21.

At the end of the path you will reach the road, turn right.

Extra Step 22.

Follow the road past the harbourmasters office and car park, keeping the water to your right, heading towards the gate in the centre of the picture.

Extra Step 23.

Past the gate you will join a gravel path, follow this and keep an eye out for the field entrance on your left.

Extra Step 24.

Strawberry field is worth a visit either before or after your main walk as it is a great, safe, low impact place for your dog to run around and burn some energy. Once you’ve had a good play just take the same route back to the car park.

Shona and seasonal ranger Miranda took Mac the lurcher on her walk around Bunny Meadows. Mac, a sweet, lovable lurcher who loves a good cuddle, was up for adoption at Second Chance Animal Rescue in Southampton and has since found his forever home!


We hope you enjoy your walk as much as we did and please check out our other featured walks.