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Black and white dog on a walk

Thanks to all ‘bird aware’ dog owners

Most dog owners place a high value on the importance of the natural world. After all, they are the ones out in it every day.

Working together to protect natural spaces is just part of being a responsible dog walker, and best of all, it doesn’t have to make walks less fun.

Bird Aware Solent’s Coast and Country Canines initiative is all about like-minded dog owners choosing to walk in a safer, more enjoyable and wildlife aware way.

You’ll find loads of brilliant training guides and advice on the special Coast and Country Canines website .

Find useful advice for enjoying the beach with your dog in a wildlife friendly way, plus some suggested dog walks around the Solent.

Happy Coast and Country Canines dog
Dog with Bird Aware Solent ranger

Enjoying the beach with your dog

We’re grateful to everyone walking their dogs who takes time to look out for birds and give them the space they need to feed and rest without being disturbed.

By following the Bird Aware Coastal Code you can keep your dog and wildlife safe and happy while walking on the beach.

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Senior dog out for a walk

Where to walk

Our partner organisation, Coast and Country Canines, has put together some suggested walking routes to help you explore our wonderful coast and countryside.

All walks include parking and other facility details, a place to play off lead and (weather permitting!) some lovely views.

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