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Why we love October

The start of October brings the start of the autumn migratory season and for Bird Aware Solent this is the…

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Bird Aware rangers - Amy, Sarah and Ruth

Welcome to our new Rangers!

As the winter bird migrants arrive on our shores so too do our three new seasonal rangers. All our new…

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Bird Aware ranger entertaining children at event

A summer of events

With the Summer in full swing, Bird Aware Rangers have been from one corner of the Solent to the other!…

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Tern chick

Time to fly the nest

As the Tern season comes to an end here’s an update from nature reserves around the Solent. The start of…

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Bird Aware ranger Lizzie with binoculars

Our newest addition to the Bird Aware team!

We welcome Lizzie to the team whilst Julie is away on maternity leave. We have some exciting news… It’s not…

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Child with binoculars

Wild Child

Ranger Julie shares some simple ways to help children along the path of nature discovery. Wild Child I like to…

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Tern hovering

The seasons are Terning

The Terns have arrived in the Solent and the RSPB Roseate Tern Project is in full swing. As the Solent’s…

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Bird Aware ranger Natalie with telescope

How I became a ranger

Natalie’s guide to becoming a Bird Aware Ranger. People often ask me “How did you become a Ranger?” or mention…

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Bird Aware ranger talking to member of public

Bird Aware Solent on film!

Take a peak at our first ever short video. We are excited to announce the launch of our very first…

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Dark-bellied brent geese flying over saltmarsh and water

The flight of the brent geese

Brent geese migration to Arctic Siberia is now well underway. Find out more about their amazing journey.

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Bird Aware staff

Ranger migration

It is not only the birds that are leaving – it is also time to say farewell to our seasonal…

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Brent geese flying

The great spring migration begins!

It is hard to believe the time has flown by so fast and it is only 5 weeks until the…

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New Bird Aware rangers

A warm welcome to our new rangers

Bird Aware Solent welcomes two new year-round rangers. Bird Aware Solent is delighted to be expanding its Ranger team and…

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Flying Wigeon

A bird’s eye view

We are often told that January is the month most associated with the ‘winter blues’; find out why January is…

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Green seaweed (not seagrass)

Our green sea

Blue Planet recently showcased seagrass beds in tropical waters, but did you know we have seagrass right here in the…

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What have lemmings got to do with it?

The numbers of juvenile brent geese arriving in the Solent can tell us how the lemmings in the arctic are…

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The charismatic curlew

Our largest and most charismatic wader is under threat. Find out how you can help. A long haunting call rings…

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Juvenile godwit

New arrivals

Young black-tailed godwits have started arriving on the Solent having made their first ever migration. During August we have begun…

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