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Bird Aware ranger Natalie sat by river

A day in the life of a Ranger

Hi! My name is Natalie and I’m the Lead Ranger for Bird Aware Solent. Through October to March all the…

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Godwits flying

Marvellous Migrations

If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you’ll know that we love nature and feel very fortunate to…

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New Bird Aware rangers - October 2019

‘Tis the season for seasonals!

Being mid-October, we have already seen countless numbers of winter birds returning to our shores. It is also the time…

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Geese in sea

Guess who’s back? Back again!

As we watch the autumn leaves begin to fall and feel the daylight hours getting shorter, an incredible natural phenomenon…

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Bird Aware Essex Coast

When the Essex Coast joined the Solent Coast

It gives us great pleasure to announce a new Partner to the Bird Aware family. Meet Bird Aware Essex Coast….

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Child with binoculars

Birdwatching for beginners

A perfect place to start. Last winter a member of the public spoke to one of our rangers and told…

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Bird Aware event - Marine Wonders

Flying through the summer

What do our rangers get up to in the summer? The summer is flying by and we can’t quite believe…

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Bird Aware ranger - Julie

Ranger Julie returns!

Julie has been away recently looking after her new baby boy, and now she is thrilled to be back on…

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Snowy owl

The challenges of ‘our’ winter birds during summer

Winter is a difficult time for Solent’s ducks, geese and wading birds, but how do they fair during summer? Most…

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Bird Aware ranger - Charlotte

Meet Ranger Charlotte!

Charlotte joined the Bird Aware team in May and she has already been on an incredible ‘conservation journey’! Read her…

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Bird Aware rangers litter picking

The Solent welcomes the man walking the coast of Britain

On the 22nd of May we teamed up with a Keep Britain Tidy ambassador, Wayne Dixon, and ‘The Final Straw…

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How do birds get their colour?

When you are in your back garden, local forest or along the Solent coast, hopefully there will be an array…

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Seasonal Bird Aware rangers - Amy, Sarah and Ruth

Our seasonal rangers fly the nest

Back in September we updated you on the arrival of three rangers that joined our team to help people understand…

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Titchfield haven

Bird Aware ‘in-action’ day

Earlier in the spring people from across the Solent met at Titchfield Haven to learn more about the challenges of…

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Black tailed Godwit

Where are all our birds going?

Migration is now well underway for the birds that spend winter on the Solent coast. If you are a regular…

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Bird Aware - social media

“Tweet, tweet” – how social media is helping birds

With the millions of apps, websites and other platforms for people to communicate through, this is truly the age of…

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To our coastal birds, we salute you!

The changing weather brings a variety of challenges for our Solent birds. Birds that migrate to the Solent every year…

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Bird Aware staff

A dark start to 2019 brings a wealth of colour to the Solent

If you have visited the coast recently you may have noticed something magical is happening there – the shoreline is…

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