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Golden eye diving duck

A Day of Ducks – Divers

Ducks can be split into two broad groups: dabblers and divers. We have covered dabbling ducks in a separate blog…

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Wren calling

Love is in the air, and the water!

Whether you’re someone who showers your partner with chocolates, flowers, and all things shiny; or you avoid this holiday at…

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Robin spotted in Titchfield

The Big Garden Birdwatch

Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Why not take part in the world’s largest wildlife survey! It…

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Bird Aware rangers - December 2020

Rangers update… we will survive!

This blog post comes to you bang in the middle or our season at the end of December, so I thought it was a good opportunity to let you know how we are getting on so far!

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Curlew on the shore

Wader ID… by Bill Length

This blog, by Ranger Mark, gives some ‘at-a-glance’ wader identification tips based on bill size. Waders, or wading birds, are…

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Rainbow over water

Rangers in Lockdown… again!

November has been another challenging month for the team, not only with the unpredictable weather that the autumn brings, but also with the announcement of another lockdown in England.

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Ducks on ice

Do Ducks Get Cold Feet?

Over the past month I’ve really enjoyed watching all our lovely waders, ducks and geese get settled into their corner…

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Telescope on pathway between water

The Season Begins…

The first of October saw the official start of the Bird Aware Solent 2020-2021 winter season with the Rangers heading…

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Swan family

Love Birds

“Don’t they make a lovely couple!”, is something we might say when two people start a new relationship, but when…

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Here come the Rangers!

It’s that time of year again when we welcome a wide array of bird life back to our shores, but…

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Roseate Terns in-flight

A Successful Summer

In a year when everything can feel a little bleak, we want to celebrate the hard work and partnership approach…

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Binoculars on a beach

The Arrivals Board

Don’t worry, this isn’t a blog about cancelled flights, airport restrictions or quarantine, this blog is all about some of…

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Golden plovers on saltmarsh

Birds, a Key Part of the Marine Ecosystem

National Marine Week is a time for celebrating and appreciating all things marine. From our coastlines to the open oceans,…

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Oystercatcher flock in flight

Wings and flight

Perhaps only our most avid followers will have noticed that back in June we had a bird anatomy theme on…

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The Hidden World of the Intertidal Zone

The intertidal zone – the area of the shore that is exposed at low tide – is key to helping our overwintering birds survive. How is it used by the difference species who need it to thrive?

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A common/harbour seal resting

Seals of the Solent

With David Attenborough showcasing weird and wonderful wildlife in jungles and deserts, it’s easy to forget about the nature that…

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Common Tern eggs

A Good Egg

Spring and early summer are fantastic times for birds and bird lovers. We get the opportunity to see birds in…

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Empty beach overlooking Portsmouth

Rangers in Lockdown

Like the rest of the country we have been taking the governments advice and are staying home as much as…

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