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Swan family

Love Birds

“Don’t they make a lovely couple!”, is something we might say when two people start a new relationship, but when…

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Here come the Rangers!

It’s that time of year again when we welcome a wide array of bird life back to our shores, but…

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Roseate Terns in-flight

A Successful Summer

In a year when everything can feel a little bleak, we want to celebrate the hard work and partnership approach…

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Binoculars on a beach

The Arrivals Board

Don’t worry, this isn’t a blog about cancelled flights, airport restrictions or quarantine, this blog is all about some of…

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Golden plovers on saltmarsh

Birds, a Key Part of the Marine Ecosystem

National Marine Week is a time for celebrating and appreciating all things marine. From our coastlines to the open oceans,…

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Oystercatcher flock in flight

Wings and flight

Perhaps only our most avid followers will have noticed that back in June we had a bird anatomy theme on…

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The Hidden World of the Intertidal Zone

The intertidal zone – the area of the shore that is exposed at low tide – is key to helping our overwintering birds survive. How is it used by the difference species who need it to thrive?

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A common/harbour seal resting

Seals of the Solent

With David Attenborough showcasing weird and wonderful wildlife in jungles and deserts, it’s easy to forget about the nature that…

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Common Tern eggs

A Good Egg

Spring and early summer are fantastic times for birds and bird lovers. We get the opportunity to see birds in…

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Empty beach overlooking Portsmouth

Rangers in Lockdown

Like the rest of the country we have been taking the governments advice and are staying home as much as…

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Tern flying

Return of the terns

May is a busy time of year for birds, for many it means babies are here or shortly on their…

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Seasonal Bird Aware rangers - April 2020

Ranger Migration

It only seems like yesterday when we welcomed Mark, Emily and David to our team as 19 / 20 seasonal…

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The Birds and the Bees

At this time of year, watching that busy blackbird with a twig in its mouth raises a lot of questions….

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What lockdown means for our wildlife

Find out what lockdown will have in store for Bird Aware Solent’s wildlife

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Exercise Your Time for Nature

As it stands, current government guidance is for us to take a form of exercise, alone or with members of…

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House Martin

The Summer Wind

When Frank Sinatra sang the song, ‘Summer wind’, he crooned about a lost sweetheart and the changing seasons. Like Frank,…

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Solent sky

A Mother’s Love

We live in busy times and our demanding lives often mean that we are detached from nature. We go from…

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Flock of Godwit with 'diner open' sign in river

The Solent Coast Diner is open!

Winter, it’s the time of year to wrap up warm and head out across the Solent coast to behold the…

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