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The eggs-files

Nesting season is underway for many coastal birds, and it won’t be long before they start laying their eggs. We’ve put together a set of fact files for some of the Solent’s special ground nesting species.

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Kayaking on the River Hamble

Watersports with wildlife: balancing differing needs

Ranger Julie explains why it makes a difference when watersports enthusiasts stay nature-friendly.

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Bird Aware Solent ranger with Conrad the dog

Top tips for a bird aware dog walk

When enjoying a coastal walk with your dog, it’s important to remember the wildlife with which we share our shores. Here are our top tips to enjoy a fun-filled walk at the beach while respecting the needs of the birds that call it home.

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Bird Aware Solent rangers at Bunny Meadows

River Hamble Estuary – a wealth of wildlife

Ranger Tony tell us why the River Hamble Estuary is a great place to start if you’ve ever thought about getting into birdwatching.

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Dark-bellied brent geese in flight at sunset

Where do Solent’s coastal birds go in spring?

In early spring our overwintering migratory birds are preparing for epic journeys. So where do Solent’s winter birds go in the summer? And how do they know how to get there?

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A dog wearing a Coast and Country Canine scarf

Welcome to Coast and Country Canines

This week sees the official launch of Coast and Country Canines, a Bird Aware Solent initiative designed to encourage and empower dog owners to walk in a wildlife aware way.
Shona Jenkins, our Dog Initiatives Officer tells us all about the project:

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Dunlin in flight

Why birds are brilliant

Ranger Dawn tells us exactly why she thinks birds are much more talented than they’re often given credit for. She shines a spotlight on their record-breaking feats, their inspiration to human flight, their mimicry and engineering skills, and their ability to overcome the toughest challenges to survive – and thrive.

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The Oyster Beds

Our rangers’ seasonal highlights

What’s been the high points of the ranger team’s winter so far? And what are they looking forward to in 2023?

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House sparrows on a fence

The Big Garden Birdwatch 27- 29 January

Are you taking part in this weekend’s Big Garden Birdwatch? Since the RSPB kicked-off its annual birdwatch in 1979, more than 137 million birds have been counted across the UK.

Find out how we got on – plus tips on attracting birds to your garden.

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A diverse range of bird species can be found on the Solent

Great Coastal Birdwatch highlights diverse Solent species

The results from this year’s Great Coastal Birdwatch reveal a huge diversity of species including 16 birds on the red list for conservation concern.

Bird Aware is enormously grateful for support provided by volunteers who spent time helping us raise awareness of birds that spend the winter on the Solent coastline.

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Hayling Island

Hayling Island: a lifeline for winter wildlife

From shingle beaches to energy-rich mudflats, this special island is a lifeline for migratory birds – which is why Bird Aware Solent Rangers Alice and Dawn are out on the coast this winter telling local people all about the spectacular birdlife on their doorstep.

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A pair of white tailed eagles perched on the water's edge © Ainsley Bennett Photography

White-tailed eagles return

Three years ago Forestry England and the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation released six white-tailed eagles on the Isle of Wight after an absence of over 240 years.

Steve Egerton-Read, Forestry England white-tailed eagle project officer, tells us all about this landmark conservation project.

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Birdwatching: good for the soul

Ranger Tony who joined Bird Aware for the busy winter season, finds there’s nothing like nature for gently shaking you into your senses.

Here he talks about a life-long love of birdwatching and the positive impact of the natural world.

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Bird flying above stormy seas

Bird flu concerns

We are very concerned about the impact of bird flu, and we know that many local people are too.

Here’s some of the questions we’ve been asked, with answers for those looking for information and guidance.

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Flock of redshank

Counting on birds – tips and techniques

Counting birds can seem daunting, particularly when they are in flight or in large, mixed groups.

Luckily, there’s a couple of trusty techniques you can count on.

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Five easy to identify coastal birds

If you’re new to coastal birdwatching, it may be helpful to begin with a small number of distinctive birds that are frequently spotted around the Solent. Take a look at Ranger Alice’s list of some of our most conspicuous species.

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Bird Aware Solent team

An exciting new season for Bird Aware Solent

Meet the Bird Aware Solent team at the start of a busy winter season.

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Birds on the wing

A warm welcome home to the Solent’s amazing migratory birds

Every autumn our coastline is an exciting place. Week by week we see increasing numbers of migratory birds returning here from their distant summer breeding grounds.

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