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Oystercatchers at the beach

Looking out for wildlife – responsible photography at the coast

“Wildlife photography is not just about taking photos and capturing a great image. It’s an opportunity to learn, connect and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world around us” – Ranger Charlotte shares some top tips for responsible wildlife photography.

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House martin

Swift, swallow or martin?

Swallows and martins are some of our quintessential summer visitors, but how can you tell them apart?

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litter on the beach

Wildlife-aware beach cleans

Ranger Julie explains why we’ve developed a new guide for making sure beach cleans minimise disturbance to wildlife.

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Dark-bellied brent geese flying overhead

Magical migration

Twice a year birds that spend the winter on the Solent set off on a hazardous journey. So what triggers migration and why do birds migrate at all?

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East Head and Sanderling

A Day in the Life of a Ranger – Gail

Ranger Gail takes us on her visits to Prinsted and East Head in this weeks blog post.

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Ranger Karima

Beginner birdwatchers’ top tips from Ranger Karima

If you’re a beginner birdwatcher, here’s some handy tips from Ranger Karima for getting the most of your new hobby….

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Dark-bellied brent geese at sunset

The Great Solent Birdwatch

The Great Solent Birdwatch is our annual wildlife event focusing on coastal bird species around Hampshire. Find out which birds topped our charts.

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Engaging dog walks

Shona, Dog Initiatives Officer, Bird Aware Solent In honour of Walk Your Dog month in January, I want to talk…

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A view across Bembridge Harbour

A Day in the Life of a Ranger – Louise

Join Ranger Louise in this weeks blog as she takes you on one of her recent visits to the beautiful Bembridge Harbour on the Isle of Wight.

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Waterside Walks

Merry Christmas from the Bird Aware Team!

Christmas and the end of the year is always an important time to reflect and take stock of your achievements and challenges and we certainly have plenty to reflect on! The team have been busy but so have the birds…

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Bird Aware Solent joins forces with RSPB for new 'tern' raft

Joining forces with RSPB for new ‘tern’ raft at West Hayling Local Nature Reserve

Rangers Gail and Lizzie have been working with Mark and David from the RSPB to install a specially developed raft…

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View across Hamble Common

A Day in the Life of a Ranger – Miranda

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Bird Aware Ranger? Join Miranda on two of her recent visits to the Solent coast at Hill Head and Hamble Common to find out more…

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Saltmarsh at Newtown, Isle of Wight

My Great Solent Birdwatch

Ranger Charlotte tells us what she saw during her survey for this year’s Great Solent Birdwatch!

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Oystercatchers on the beach

The Great Solent Birdwatch – take part this half-term

The Rangers are looking forward to this year’s Great Solent Birdwatch which starts on Saturday 23 October and runs through…

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Bird Aware Solent Ranger team

Bird Aware Solent Gears up for Winter

We’re delighted to welcome three new rangers who have joined the Bird Aware Solent team ahead of a busy winter season.

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Sharing our Shores – Wildlife & Dogs

It’s international dog day on the 26th this month and it’s been quite a year (and then some!) for our dogs….

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Great black backed gull on the beach

Gulls by the sea, but that’s not a seagull!

The summer holidays are well and truly underway and despite the famous unpredictable British weather many of us will have…

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A Summer Full of Nature

It’s the summer holidays and that means you might be looking for ways to keep your little ones occupied before…

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