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Watersports at Lepe

A Week in the Life of Ranger Julie

Ever wondered what a typical summer week consists of for our team of rangers? Here’s Ranger Julie’s account of what she’s been up to.

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Chalk hill blue

Take a closer look at butterflies

Thomas, Bird Aware Solent’s monitoring expert, shares some of his know-how about beautiful butterflies.

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common tern and chick

It’s nesting season – what we can do to help

While some of our Solent species, such as dark-bellied brent geese, fly north to isolated breeding, grounds, others just move inland and some stick to the shore. Here’s a round-up of where some of the UK’s year-round residents will be nesting, and what we can do to help.

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Buff tailed bumblebee

Telling tails

Thomas, Bird Aware Solent’s monitoring expert, shares his tips for identifying the ‘Big 8’ of bumblebee species.

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The Solent coast

A Day in the Life of Ranger Karima

Find out what happens during a typical day for Bird Aware Solent’s lead ranger, Ranger Karima.

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Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve

Celebrating the Solent’s National Nature Reserves

Celebrate the 70th anniversary of the very first National Nature Reserve this summer. Find out what makes a National Nature Reserve extra special, compared with other nature reserves.

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Beautiful Solent coastline

Looking out for wildlife, looking after yourself

Did you know that a two-hour ‘dose’ of nature every week significantly boosts our health and wellbeing?

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Two rangers look for birds through binoculars

Step-by-step guide: choosing binoculars

Our rangers are often asked for advice about buying and using binoculars for getting a closer look at birds. Find out their top tips.

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Oystercatchers at the beach

Looking out for wildlife – responsible photography at the coast

“Wildlife photography is not just about taking photos and capturing a great image. It’s an opportunity to learn, connect and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world around us” – Ranger Charlotte shares some top tips for responsible wildlife photography.

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House martin

Swift, swallow or martin?

Swallows and martins are some of our quintessential summer visitors, but how can you tell them apart?

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litter on the beach

Wildlife-aware beach cleans

Ranger Julie explains why we’ve developed a new guide for making sure beach cleans minimise disturbance to wildlife.

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Dark-bellied brent geese flying overhead

Magical migration

Twice a year birds that spend the winter on the Solent set off on a hazardous journey. So what triggers migration and why do birds migrate at all?

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East Head and Sanderling

A Day in the Life of a Ranger – Gail

Ranger Gail takes us on her visits to Prinsted and East Head in this weeks blog post.

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Ranger Karima

Beginner birdwatchers’ top tips from Ranger Karima

If you’re a beginner birdwatcher, here’s some handy tips from Ranger Karima for getting the most of your new hobby….

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Dark-bellied brent geese at sunset

The Great Solent Birdwatch

The Great Solent Birdwatch is our annual wildlife event focusing on coastal bird species around Hampshire. Find out which birds topped our charts.

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Engaging dog walks

Shona, Dog Initiatives Officer, Bird Aware Solent In honour of Walk Your Dog month in January, I want to talk…

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A view across Bembridge Harbour

A Day in the Life of a Ranger – Louise

Join Ranger Louise in this weeks blog as she takes you on one of her recent visits to the beautiful Bembridge Harbour on the Isle of Wight.

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Waterside Walks

Merry Christmas from the Bird Aware Team!

Christmas and the end of the year is always an important time to reflect and take stock of your achievements and challenges and we certainly have plenty to reflect on! The team have been busy but so have the birds…

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