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Green seaweed (not seagrass)

Our green sea

Blue Planet recently showcased seagrass beds in tropical waters, but did you know we have seagrass right here in the…

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What have lemmings got to do with it?

The numbers of juvenile brent geese arriving in the Solent can tell us how the lemmings in the arctic are…

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The charismatic curlew

Our largest and most charismatic wader is under threat. Find out how you can help. A long haunting call rings…

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Juvenile godwit

New arrivals

Young black-tailed godwits have started arriving on the Solent having made their first ever migration. During August we have begun…

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Coastal works

Coastal protection project at Hill Head

The car park and promenade at Hill Head beach are currently closed, we spoke to the engineers to find out…

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Godwit's reed

Our birds arriving back on the Solent

Numbers of black-tailed godwits in the area are starting to rise as unsuccessful breeders return from Iceland. The numbers of…

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Godwit on nest

It’s godwit a go go

Thousands of black-tailed godwits are currently incubating their eggs in Iceland and with recent record temperatures we are keeping our…

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Bird Aware event

Spreading our wings

We are expanding what we do and have successfully completed our first few events. Find out more about how we…

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Godwit pair

A love story from Iceland

… and other tales from the birds’ spring migration. With the spring migration pretty much complete and most of our…

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Godwit feeding

Atlantic crossing delayed!

A record breaking number of migrating birds have aborted their spring migration and landed in the Hebrides. Black tailed godwits…

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Bird Aware appearance on That's Solent TV

That’s Solent TV appearance!

We were on the telly! If you didn’t catch us on the night you can watch it here. On a…

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Bird Aware staff

Ranger migration

Our seasonal rangers are off to ventures new. After an exciting winter season that saw a larger ranger team, the…

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Godwits flying

Springing into action!

Longer daylight hours trigger the spring migration. The weather is warming up and the blackthorn is in blossom. Spring is…

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Bird Aware staff

A growing ranger team!

This winter, the ranger team was expanded to four. The rangers spend their time out and about on the Solent…

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Geese flying formation

Information pertaining to Avian Flu

Avian flu is an infectious type of influenza which spreads among birds. During the last few months, multiple species of…

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White tailed eagle

Reintroduction of white-tailed eagles

Bird Aware Solent position statement. Bird Aware Solent is aware of the proposals to reintroduce White-tailed Eagles to the Isle…

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