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Why is it important to be Bird Aware?

As dog owners we are out in the countryside more than most and we directly benefit from the rich and often unique habitats around us. We need to remember that our natural spaces and the animals in them are precious and more easily damaged than many people realise.

While it might seem like natural behaviour for dogs to chase birds, the sheer number of dogs visiting the coast makes a real impact. The more birds have to fly away from perceived threats, the less time they have to feed and the more energy they use up flying, and this can severely affect their chances of survival, especially in the hard winter months when they need to be stocking up. The good news is, there are small, simple changes we can make to our routines that can have a really positive affect on wildlife – see the Enjoying the beach with your dog page for more information.

We all have a part to play in protecting our coastal wildlife, from dog walkers to water-sports enthusiasts, making sure that our shores are a safe place for wildlife and all other visitors.