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Find resources, activities and games to help you learn and discover more about the incredible birds and wildlife that can be found around our Solent shores.

Oystercatchers on the beach

Learn about… birds

Did you know 125,000 ducks, geese and wading birds fly here every winter from as far as the Arctic?

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Saltmarsh at Newtown, Isle of Wight

Learn about… habitats

The Solent coast is a patchwork of different habitats each of which is important to different birds at different times of the day.

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Ranger Julie holding a sign saying look out for birds

Learn about… the Coastal Code

Find out how you can help our feathered friends when you visit the coast.

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Activities and games

Redshanks on the coast and Bird Aware Art Fest

How to make a redshank collage

These instructions will take you through how to make your very own redshank collage.

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