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Case study: Take a walk with our friendly ranger team

Every year the Bird Aware Solent Ranger team head out across the Solent region to run pop-ups, guided walks and talks together with school and community group visits.

These are in addition to their regular site visits and patrols throughout the winter season.

The opportunity

Events have become an increasingly important and valuable part of the Rangers’ work.

Ranger Tony talks to a member of the public

They are also an opportunity for collaboration with organisations such as the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and National Trust.

Guided walks in particular, have proved popular and provide a valuable way for rangers to spend their time as they give an opportunity for deeper engagement, and meaningful conversations with coastal users.

These opportunities are open to anyone but aimed at those new to the subject.

The results

In the last six years, the Ranger team has engaged 18,755 people with events; 1,282 of these were on engaging guided walks.

Many of the participants have very little prior knowledge of coastal birds or the issue of disturbance, and some are also dog owners and recreational users of the Solent coast. Participant feedback has always been very positive.