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Brent geese flying over Portsmouth sunset

Bird Aware Solent in facts and figures

The Solent coast is internationally important for birds.

A godwit in a graphic circle

 125,000 overwintering waders

Dark-bellied goose in a graphic circle

10% of the global population of dark-bellied geese

A globe with an arrow pointing to Siberia

Dark-bellied brent geese travel 3000 miles from Siberia

The Solent has 254 km of varied coastline

254 km of varied coastline

The team

An illustration of a Bird Aware ranger

6-strong ranger team with a comprehensive outreach programme

Graphic image showing brent geese

650+ annual patrols, talking to 8k people a year

Pie chart showing 97%

97% respond positively to ranger engagement

Illustration showing a clipboard with ticks

Comprehensive monitoring programme

Illustration of a leaflet

6k leaflets distributed annually

Illustration of a sign

Bespoke signs installed along the Solent coast

Graphic of a piggy bank

£2million every 5 years for funding capital projects

Illustration of bunting and a group of people

50+ community and pop-up events annually, meeting 1.5k people

Illustration of someone on a birdwatching walk

30 guided birdwatching walks annually with over 400 people taking part

Graphic showing social media icons

10k social media followers

Graphic showing someone looking at a computer

60k website views a year

Graphic of the Art Fest logo

Annual Art Fest reaching new audiences

Graphic showing watersports leaflet

A growing collection of wildlife-aware leisure guides

Great Coastal Birdwatch logo

6th year for this citizen science project

More than 100 different bird species spotted

The Solent area

19 Bird Aware Solent partners