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Learn more at Cams Bay with Bird Aware

May 2021

Bird Aware Solent – in close collaboration with Fareham Borough Council – has recently installed an engaging interpretation panel for visitors enjoying the natural beauty of Cams Bay.

Part of the Portsmouth Harbour Special Protection Area (SPA), Cams Bay is an important natural habitat for numerous species of birds throughout the year. The mud flats at Cams Bay – and the wider Fareham Creek area – are a critical source of food for birds. Plants and animals within it support a wide range of birds.

Birds such as brent geese and black-tailed godwits migrate from as far as Siberia and Iceland to feed here over the winter. At this time of year, you can spot different gull and tern species feeding (and breeding) along the shoreline.

The Ranger team at Bird Aware Solent have worked hard to produce beautiful signage which not only helps visitors appreciate the birds at Cams Bay, but how to share our shores and enjoy the birds without disturbing them. Small changes in how we use the coastline can make a big impact on how the birds feed and thrive along the shoreline.

“I am delighted to see the addition of such impressive interpretation panels throughout Cams Bay” said Councillor Seán Woodward, Chairman of the Partnership for South Hampshire (a body that oversees Bird Aware Solent) and Executive Leader of Fareham Borough Council. “Not only do these signs educate and inform the public who enjoy our coastline, it shows how effective partnership working can make a real difference to how we care for our environment”.

Councillor Woodward at Cams Bay
Councillor Woodward at Cams Bay