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Bird Aware Solent seizes the (dog) initiative

April 2021

Bird Aware Solent is proud to announce Shona Jenkins as the latest addition to the partnership, joining as the first Dog Initiatives Officer – a new role to help dog owners enjoy using the coastline without disturbing the birds reliant on it for their survival.

Human disturbance of birds feeding (or breeding) along the coastline can have dire repercussions for a variety of bird species that are particularly reliant on the Solent. The ranger team at Bird Aware Solent has worked hard for many years to educate the public and can often be seen along the coastline offering advice and guidance. The Dogs Initiatives Officer will develop a dedicated resource for dog owners who want to enjoy the coastline responsibly – and learn about our coastal birds whilst doing so. Working together, we can ensure dogs enjoy the coastline as much as the birds do!

Shona has multiple degrees in animal behaviour and has previously spent time working with owners addressing behavioural issues in their animals. A dog owner herself, Shona believes in empowering people to get the utmost out of their relationship with their dogs.

“As well as working for a clinic addressing behavioural issues in dogs, I’ve previously worked in a conservation setting.” said Shona. “I can’t think of a better fit for my skills than in my new role at Bird Aware Solent. Helping people get the very best out of their dogs, while enjoying our world-class coastline is a really exciting prospect – I am like a dog with two tails!”

You’ll see more dog-related content from Bird Aware Solent in the coming months. To keep abreast of the work of the rangers, the birds on our coastline and more, visit .

Shona dog initiatives officer