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What am I?

As its name suggests, redshanks’ most distinctive features are their bright orange-red legs.

They have a medium-length bill with an orange base to match, brown speckled back and wings and paler belly.

How to spot them

Brownish all over, with a paler belly, the redshank is one of only two waders that has bright red legs; the spotted redshank also has red legs, but is larger, with longer legs and a longer bill. The redshank has a straight bill, which is red at the base and black at the end. When it flies, it shows a white triangular wedge up its back and a wide, white triangle on its rear

Where to see them

Wintering birds can be seen in large numbers around estuaries and coastal wetlands.

Conservation status

The redshank is amber listed in the UK (Opens in a new window) .

Did you know?

Large numbers of redshank fly here from Iceland to spend the winter around our coasts.