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What am I?

The pintail is slightly bigger than a mallard, these long-necked and small-headed ducks fly with a curved back pointed wings and a tapering tail, making this the best way to distinguish them from other ducks in the UK. The pintail is a dabbling ducks, meaning that it feeds at the surface rather than diving for their food.

How to spot them

The pintail is easily distinguished by its long, pointed tail feathers. Males have a chestnut-coloured head, white neck and grey body, while females are mottled brown with smaller, pointed tails. Pintails also have a long, graceful neck.

Where to see them

The pintail is a winter visitor to coasts and estuaries.

Conservation status

The pintail is amber listed in the UK. (Opens in a new window)

Did you know?

The oldest pintail was recorded as living to 27 years of age.

Pintail bird