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Meet Our team

The Bird Aware Essex Coast team has been set up as part of a partnership between local authorities and wildlife organisations from across Essex with the goal of protecting the internationally important geese, ducks and wading birds that visit our shores.

Our rangers cover the entire Essex coastline from Coalhouse Fort in the South to the Stour Estuary in the north. Amongst these are the extraordinarily rich and beautiful landscapes around the Thames Estuary, Benfleet and Southend Marshes, Foulness, The Crouch Estuary, Dengie, the Blackwater Estuary, Colne Estuary, Hamford Water and the Essex banks of the Stour Estuary.

Our rangers talk to coastal visitors raising awareness and appreciation for the incredible wildlife and protected habitats along the coast.  Essex is home to hundreds of thousands of migrating birds, including a quarter of the world’s population of Dark-bellied Brent Geese.

While many pockets of habitat are protected in Essex, more needs to be done to protect these and other endangered animals in the areas where people and wildlife meet. To make sure the coast is a safe environment for all to enjoy rangers also encourage people to follow the Bird Aware Coastal Code: to look out for birds and move further away if they become alert, to keep dogs alongside them; and to pay attention to and follow requests on signs.



We are currently recruiting for a Lead Ranger. Look here for more information.

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