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The Great Coastal Birdwatch 2023 – Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our first Great Coastal Bird Watch.

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Bird Aware Essex Coast is an initiative to raise awareness of birds on the Essex coast

About us

Bird Aware Essex Coast is an initiative to raise awareness of the birds that feed and breed on the Essex coast, so that people can enjoy the coast and its wildlife without disturbing the birds.

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Meet the birds

The Essex coastline is extremely diverse and features a variety of habitats and environments. These habitats provide feeding and roosting places for large numbers of waterbirds from all around the world.

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Bird migration

In preparation for winter, many birds from the frozen Northern parts of the world fly South to warmer areas with more food. During our summer months, we welcome many birds from the Southern Hemisphere to our shores.

Bird migration

Bird disturbance and its impact

Birds perceive people and their dogs as a threat. When people and dogs get too close, the birds sense danger and focus on the perceived threat, changing their behaviour. They may stop feeding or resting and walk, swim or fly away.

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Our Strategy and SPD

Bird Aware Essex Coast is a tool being used to lessen potential impacts from increased local housing development. The initiative is run by the Essex Coast Recreational disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation Partnership (Essex Coast RAMS).

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